National Geographic November 1982

National Geographic Magazine November 1982

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Mexican Volcano Spews Death and Devastation { The Disaster of El Chichón: Fire and Ash, Darkness at Noon}
Rivaling Mount St. Helens, a little- known Mexican volcano exploded last spring. Guillermo Aldana E. and Kenneth Garrett capture the fire and ash on film; Boris Weintraub relates the horror of the volcano's victims. Geologist Robert I. Tilling warns tha
Kublai Khan's Lost Fleet { The Lost Fleet of Kublai Khan}
Rescued from invasion by the kamikaze - - divine wind - - Japan twice in the 13th century repelled the awesome forces of Kublai Khan. Marine engineer Torao Mozai and photographer Koji Nakamura report on recovery of artifacts from those battles.
Inside the Hopi Homeland { Inside the Sacred Hopi Homeland}
Jake and Susan Page record beliefs and customs that sustain the Hopis as they face the twin pressures of neighboring Navajos and the white man's society.
Making of America: A New Map Series { The Making of America: 17 New Maps Tie the Nation to Its Past}
A new map series portrays the changing cultural and historical landscape of our nation, region by region, starting with this issue's supplement, The Southwest.
Pueblo Artistry in Clay { Pueblo Pottery- -2, 000 Years of Artistry}
Traditions and methods 2, 000 years old guide Southwest potters in the creation of modern masterpieces. A ceramics genealogy and appreciation by David L. Arnold.
The Anasazi: Riddles in the Ruins { The Anasazi}
They built giant pueblos, irrigation works, and an intricate society, and then they dispersed. Thomas Y. Canby travels the Southwest on the trail of one of prehistoric North America's most advanced - - and mystery- shrouded - - peoples. Photographs by D
The Disaster of El Chichón { Volcanic Cloud May Alter Earth's Climate}
Robert I. Tilling of the U. S. Geological Survey explains the meterological effects of El Chichon's erruption and global volcanic cloud.
Heat Portrait of the Shuttle { New Look at the Shuttle; Heat Paints [ Columbia' ]s Portrait}
Computer- painted infrared images record the landing of the orbiter Columbia last July 4 after its fourth mission. Text by Cliff Tarpy.


Ford Motor Company: Ford LTD: Have You Driven A Ford Lately?
American Telephone & Telegraph Company ( A. T. & T. ): American Telephone & Telegraph Company ( A. T. & T. ): Where Is The Bell System Going? { Bell Telephone System}
Eastman Kodak Company: Kodacolor Film: America' s Storyteller
U. S. Mail: Postage Stamps: Make A Fascinating Discovery At The Post Office { United States Postal Service ( U. S. P. S. )}
General Motors Corporation ( GM) : Oldsmobile Ninety- Eight Regency: Luxury Carried To Its Most Logical Conclusion { Oldsmobile}
American Red Cross: American Red Cross: Ready For A New Century


THE SOUTHWEST ( side 1) (20 1/2 x 27 1/4 in.)
Included: Historical notes.
THE SOUTHWEST ( side 2) (20 1/2 x 27 1/4 in.)

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